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Smart. Trustworthy. Innovative.

PACT Capital specializes in the origination and management of commercial and agriculture real estate credit. We are experts in managing the risks associated with real estate lending through our proprietary risk mitigation framework and asset class diversification.

We are a family of entrepreneurs. Since day one, our business philosophy has been that of dedicated entrepreneurs driven to deliver for our customers. Our investment philosophy is that of a family office – preserve capital and generate stable income through senior secured real estate investments.

We invest every dollar like it is our family’s own, because that is how we started.

Our Team

None of us are as smart as all of us

– Ken Blanchard

Advisory Board

We believe in experts.

Because of this, the diversity within our Advisory Investment Committee creates a thorough vetting process enabling us to evaluate potential transactions through multiple lenses.

Willie P. Chavez

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George A. Garrison

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Annie K. Rockett

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