Farming is our heritage. Lending is our business.

PACT Capital is a California based agricultural real estate lender that provides financing structures to
farmers to flourish in good times and sleep comfortably in tough times.

As generational farmers ourselves, we understand the nuances of farming and how cash flow management is imperative to growing a successful operation. Whether you’re looking to purchase a farm for the first time, expand your current operation, refinance existing debt to improve cash flow or increase your working capital with an operating line of credit, we can help.

An Overview of Agricultural Loan Solutions

Agricultural real estate is a unique market that requires an expert approach to securing financing. As lenders, we understand that your farm is both your livelihood and an investment. By working with PACT Capital for your agriculture real estate needs, you’ll receive far more competitive terms versus going directly to your local bank. PACT Capital provides farmers, agricultural specialists, and investors in all niches with the best financing options on the market.

Whether you operate a family, corporate, or ranch-style farm, it’s important to find solutions that are tailored to your needs. Some of the different loan options available to you include fixed rate products, adjustable rate mortgages, variable rate mortgages, short-term bridge, and real estate equity.

Agricultural Loan Programs

Bridge / Interest-Only

Products are available through our short-term, direct private programs as well as through some of our permanent financing programs.

Real Estate Equity — Based Line of Credit

Are lines of credit secured to ag land and can have terms up to 10 years fixed.

Fixed Rate Products

Are agricultural loans with a fixed rate for the duration of the lending terms. PACT Capital offers variable fixed rate loans up to 30 years.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage

Products also have a fixed interest rate, but it only lasts for an initial period that’s defined at the onset of the lending terms. Following the fixed rate, the interest will reprice & go through another period of fixed rates. This pattern continues until the end of the loan term.

Variable Rate Mortgage

Products go through a similar cycle as ARM, but usually only once. They are fixed during an initial lending period, repriced, and then become fixed again for the remainder of the loan. Some VRMs can be repriced and fixed for pre-determined times such as in the case of a 3-year VRM with a 30-year loan term.

Agriculture Overview

Our team understands that agricultural borrowers require programs that are flexible and tailored to meet their long-term goals. PACT Capital brings decades of experience in farming together with real estate credit expertise to provide farmers with the reliable financing they need. Due to our operational and financial capabilities we’re able to lend into situations that do not easily fit into the rigid structure of traditional agricultural lenders.

The loan solutions we provide garner some of the lowest market rates and longest terms to help maximize availability to farmers. To provide excellent service and assurance to our clients, most of our programs have no prepayment penalties and can be non-recourse. We work with borrowers on an individual basis to provide financing options to those who may not qualify with other mortgage lenders. From family farms to corporate operations, we’ve got you covered.

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More on Agricultural Loan

PACT Capital specializes in agricultural loans with real estate options ranging from short-term bridge loans to permanent solutions. We help farmers across the U.S. finance their farm operations and refinance their properties to improve cash flow, manage long-term liabilities more effecienctly, and keep assets protected. To get the most out of the financing available for your ag properties, we work to create a custom lending financing solution that will help you uphold the financial requirements it takes to operate your farm or ranch.
Our team of lenders bring decades of experience operating in the agricultural real estate market. Through an understanding of the unique challenges that agricultural work brings, we are better equipped to provide a loan product that will help you succeed.
For those looking for an initial loan, we have options for farms, vineyards, orchards, diary operators, and more. We’ll help you secure the capital you need to successfully expand, replant, or simply run your operations. As experts in the capital markets, we can also help you refinance your current loans to improve cash flow and recapitalize your operation. Our goal is to help you grow your farm and mitigate the financial burden of debt. We understand that agriculture is a way of life and want to help you secure the funds it takes to maintain it for years to come.