Bridge Loan Solutions

PACT Capital is a direct balance sheet lender. Similar to a bank, we lend our own money. This allows us to work with borrowers
using our own credit and asset underwriting guidelines.  All credit decisions are made in-house, ultimately providing a certainty of execution to all of our borrowers.

If you’re in need of lending that will allow you to act in an effort to make swift decisions on your commercial real estate, look at your options for taking out a bridge loan. Options for interest-only payments allow for stronger expense management and allow IO payments to improve cash flow in order to reduce operational costs. This allows borrowers to strengthen revenue streams when looking for a more permanent solution. By partnering with PACT Capital, you get a competitive edge into some of the best commercial bridge financing options all in one place. We offer pre-approval in as little as 1 day with low interest rates and interest-only payments for 3 – 36 months. PACT Capital supports borrowers working towards strengthening their financial future. Our dependable team of bridge loan experts help to simplify the process, so you get everything you need, when you need it. We’re a California based direct lender providing bridge loans in a majority of states across the U.S. Our rates start as low as 6.99% but vary depending on individual factors. To learn more about our PACT process, or to get started on acquiring a bridge loan, contact us today.

An Overview of Bridge Loan Solutions

Traditional bank lending for long-term permanent financing can take months due to an increase in compliance and regulation and the constant tightening of minimum credit underwriting requirements. To fulfill borrowers’ short-term capital needs, bridge financing and loans continue to grow in popularity. A bridge loan is typically a short-term loan that’s used to quickly unlock liquidity or to improve, or transition, a property. The loan term usually lasts between 3 and 24 months and remains in place until more permanent financing options are obtained. Bridge loans typically don’t have prepayment penalties, but require the borrower to have clearly identified exit strategies for paying off the loan. For borrowers with sufficient equity available in prime properties that are facing time sensitive transactions or are in immediate need of capital, bridge loans could be a qualified solution.

Loan Terms

Purpose Purchase, Refinance, Cash-Out, Repositioning, Value-Add, Crop Development, Replanting
Property Type Commercial, Agriculture, and Residential
Rate Starting at 6.99% +
Loan Amount $100,000 to $10,000,000
Amortization Interest Only
Leverage Up to 65% Loan-to-Value (LTV)
Collateral First Trust Deed Only
Personal Guarantee Non-Recourse (subject to bad boy carveouts) and Recourse Options Available

Bridge Overview

When you need short-term bridge financing, dependability is key. Our in-house processing and credit decisions provide borrowers with a competitive advantage when needing access to capital. While we understand that speed is imperative in certain situations, certaintity of execution is paramount. Our borrowers have come to rely upon us for our expertise and commitment to providing creative and reliable capital solutions.
Our principles leverage decades of operations and credit expertise to lend into any real estate situation and property type, allowing us to meet the needs of all borrowers. We offer customized bridge solutions in a timely manner so you can act swiftly on time sensitive closings. PACT Capital’s positioning as a premier Private Lender offering Bridge-to-Perm solutions provides borrowers with the best financing terms available, no matter their situation.

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More on Bridge Loan

The reason that bridge loans can be used as a short-term solution is due to the expedited approval. Borrowers aren’t tied up in the rigid underwriting process often required for more permanent lending, so it’s possible to close quickly even with typically unbankable credit or financial situations. If you’re unsure about whether a bridge loan is a good option, contact us to discuss your options with one of our PACT Professional Loan Officers.
PACT Capital provides bridge loans for commercial real estate that are customized to fit every borrower’s needs. Our bridge loans range in size, requirements, and interest rates, all of which tend to be influenced by the property type, borrower’s history, portfolio, and current situation.
What is unique about PACT Capital is that we serve as true capital partners to our borrowers by working with them to ensure the take-out financing is advatagous to their needs.