Residential Loan Solutions

PACT Capital understands that every project is unique, and no two loans are ever the same. Through analyzing all of the options within the lending market, we deliver strategically tailored loan solutions to borrowers using a client-first experience that is unmatched in our industry. Our relationships with lenders can lead to substantially better terms than a borrower would get on their own. Investment residential real estate is a fast business. PACT Capital has the speed and certainty of execution that investors need to meet their goals. Within the competitive landscape of residential real estate credit, we set ourselves apart by providing swift, strategic financing options at the best possible rates.
Residential investments can be a profitable endeavor and are the perfect opportunity to create a strong passive income, but they require a lot of capital. For those interested in joining the market of residential real estate property, finding a reliable capital partner is key. Borrowers should target residential investment property loans rather than traditional mortgage loans. Then, to solidify success, it’s important to choose the right option within loan types. Borrowers should have decent credit, some assets, experience, and a moderate asset-to-debt ratio along with the liquidity to make a down payment and reserves. To address this, there are different loan options for different investment properties and borrower types.

An Overview of Residential Loan Solutions

Single-Family Rentals (SFRs) are one of the fastest growing investment asset classes. It’s important to have a capital partner that can keep up with the speed and certainty of execution that SFR investing requires. PACT Capital delivers customized financing options that help our clients achieve their SFR investing goals. Loan Parameters:

Residential Loan Programs

Landlord Loans

If you’re going to buy an investment property, you want to acquire a long-term landlord loan. These types of loans tend to be based on collateral and will use the property as asset valuation. Some lenders don’t require income documentation for approval. Different portfolio lenders have different pricing and fees. Working with a direct private lender like PACT Capital will give you access to all of the financing options available.

SFR Lines of Credit

The main drawback to many investment property loans is the lack of flexibility. There are strict terms and conditions that must be met to continue to receive funding and grow your portfolio. For those who like to maintain a certain degree of control, rotating lines of credit may be a good option. Rotating lines of credit are easier to acquire if you have an LLC, but they’re doable on an individual basis as well—on a smaller scale.

Portfolio Loans

Portfolio loans are a good option if you’re looking to acquire multiple properties under a cohesive financial lending facility. This helps to increase your efficiency by removing the effort it takes to manage multiple mortgages. In retrospect, the more mortgages you have, the harder it is to oversee finances. Blanket mortgages can simplify the process and give you more time to focus on renovations and operational administration.

Within each of these loan types, there are different types of lenders. Finding the right lender can take a lot of work. Conventional lenders require strict guidelines and take more time to close, but they’re cheaper with low interest rates. Online portfolio lenders close quickly and don’t require a lot of documentation, but they’re more expensive and require a high degree of scrutiny to ensure they’re trustworthy. Hard money lenders offer fast, flexible lending options, but can be expensive.

As Bridge-to-Perm lenders, PACT Capital has the market experience and direct lending capacity to help with every investment residential loan need. To get the most out of your residential investment property or portfolio, call PACT Capital today.

Fix and Flip Loans

Another opportunity for investment properties is flipping housing or going through the process of buying, renovating, renting, refinancing, and repeating—also known as the BRRRR method. In both of these circumstances, you’ll want to inquire about a short-term loan that allows you to quickly boost your capital so you can accomplish your goals. One option for short-term loans, aside from a bridge loan, is a purchase-rehab loan. This is a loan type that’s specific to those who are looking to flip houses, similar to short-term renovation loans. These short-term loans are beneficial because they allow for expedited action that usually settles within a few weeks. A portion of the money is escrowed and is released based on terms set by your lender, often pending the progress of the renovation work.

Loan Terms

Minimum Loan Amount $50,000
Term 1, 3, 5, 7, 10, or 30 Years
Borrower Type Entity (Single Purpose Entity) or Individual
Amortization 20, 25, and 30 years
LTV up to 80% - LTC: up to 90%
Recourse Non-recourse and Full Recourse Available
Property Types Single Family Residences (SFR); 2-4 unit properties; Condos; Townhomes

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Residential Overview

Residential real estate investing requires a large upfront cost. If you don’t have the capital, it’s difficult to enter the market.With the right resources, borrowers can successfully grow their portfolio using investment property loans. PACT Capital has the experience you want and need to leverage capital and strengthen investments.
PACT Capital provides short-term bridge and permanent solutions for residential real estate investors of any size. Working in aligned interests with our borrowers, we review lenders across the entire investment property market to secure a loan that will help you transform your vision into a reality. We have a passion for helping real estate investors achieve their goals and offer financing solutions to meet each investors’ unique needs.
If you’re interested in buying a residential real estate property or want to refinance, we can help you find a loan. Our team has the experience to deliver loan solutions that work for every borrower, no matter the size