SBA Loan Solutions

We support business owners in acquiring the real estate their businesses occupy or want to expand into. As a business owner, running your company is a full-time job.The concern of how to finance real estate purchases needed to operate your business can become overwhelming. That is where PACT Capital’s SBA loan programs come in. Financing CRE at loan-to-values of 90% allow business owners to acquire the real estate they operate in with just 10% down. SBA loans allow business owners to fix the cost of real estate, eliminating their lease expense and providing added-depreciation with an appreciating asset.

An Overview of SBA Loan Solutions

The commercial real estate for your business is often just as your unique as your business is. To secure financing for your business, it’s critical to work with a relationship lender that can understand your business and its unique financing needs. PACT Capital is local lender with a nationwide reach. PACT Capital provides business owners with all the financing options needed to grow their business or improve their cashflow. Whether it’s to fix your real estate cost or to buy another business, PACT Capital provides flexible and creative loan options to help you achieve your business goals.

Loan Terms

PACT Capital’s network of SBA lenders allows us to offer nationwide SBA lending with the following terms and guidelines:

Financing Amount Up to 90% financing for Real Estate Acquisitions
Financing Types Refinances, Equipment Purchase, Working Capital, Business Acquisition
Options Options for full amortization
Term Up to 30-year term length
Payment Structure Flexible prepayment structures

SBA Overview

PACT Capital has a team of experienced advisors ready to help you navigate the complex lending process and negotiate the best loan terms based on your business’s needs. Through our client-centered approach, we provide a unique lending experience that gives borrowers access to the entire credit market in one place.
If you currently own or rent space for your business, you may qualify for an SBA loan to finance the purchase of real estate for your business to occupy. PACT Capital is a relationship lender. This means that we leverage our expertise of real estate credit and deep relationships with our capital partners on our client’s behalf.

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Whether you’re just beginning to look for a space for your business to occupy or you’re in contract, PACT Capital can help you today. To learn more about how our capital advisors can help you find the best SBA loan or provide you with a comprehensive buy vs. lease comparison

More on SBA Loan

While there are numerous SBA loans available for borrowers, there are two primary programs that are used the most often: the SBA 7(a) loan program and the SBA 504 loan program.

The SBA 7(a) loan option covers financing up to $5 million. This program is partially backed by the SBA and allows for a variable use of capital. This is good for small business owners who need capital for general business needs or improvements. SBA 7(a) loans can be used as both short- and long-term capital to either purchase or refinance a business and/or debt or purchase new equipment necessary to function.

SBA 504 loan programs are primarily used for small business owners who need to upgrade their assets through building improvements, purchase fixed assets, finance construction, or acquire expensive equipment and machinery. They’re financing programs for owner-occupied property types. SBA 504 requires a down payment from the borrower and then the bank will extend the total loan. SBA 504 loans can cover up to $20 million + and have a 10 – 20-year repayment term.

There are specific program requirements, loan structures, collateral, and fees for both SBA 7(a) and SBA 504 financing options. To determine which financing option is best for your small business, contact PACT’s professional loan officers. We can help you navigate your options to determine which terms best fit your goals.

Each type of SBA loan program varies and should be considered based on your business’ size, length of operation, and long-term goals. PACT Capital’s experienced advisors can help you mitigate the challenges of finding the right financing to best serve your business. We work with businesses on an individual basis to best determine which loan type will fit their needs.

Since getting an SBA loan can require lengthy processes that are over-complicated by banks, working with a PACT gives you a competitive advantage. We integrate our long-standing capital connections with our in-house underwriting expertise to expedite the pre-approval process and make sure that you have what you need to qualify. While SBA financing can take longer to finalise than conventional loan programs, the terms and rates are worthwhile to the borrower in the end.

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