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Variety within commercial real estate financing is vast and can be difficult to maneuver. Property type, tenant composition, location, and operating performance all dramatically influence the type of financing available and can complicate the borrowing process for both operators and investors.

Commercial mortgages in the marketplace can include everything from debt funds and private money lenders to banks, credit unions, insurance companies, and agency lenders. Each of these lenders and mortgage categories come with unique benefits and downfalls. To determine which one is best for you, you need to expend resources researching, building relationships, and understanding all of the details of each. This takes time. Whether you need a loan to purchase commercial property or refinance it, you may not have the time of becoming an industry expert nor the time to commit to these nuances. However, not all loans and lenders are created equal.

An Overview of Commercial Loan Solutions

As a prospective borrower, you need to understand all of your choices for commercial property financing to make an informed decision. While it’s natural to begin at your bank, doing so can severely limit your options. Certain loans can only be given by certain lenders, making commercial real estate financing a fairly complex process. This is made more difficulty when going only to one lender, because you are limited to their choice of offerings. To find the best option for long-term commercial financing, it’s advantegous to employ advisors that can provide a full capital stack solution.

At PACT Capital, we provide capital solutions for all of our borrower’s commercial real estate needs. Because of our in-depth needs assessment, we are able to look past the single transaction and provide a long-term plan and solution for our clients.

PACT Capital’s Commercial Loan Program Features

PACT Capital’s commercial real estate loans offer certain features unmatched by other direct lenders and companies. Our commercial loan parameters include the following:

Location Nationwide
Loan Amounts: $100,000 - $100,000,000
Loan-To-Value: Up to 80%
Terms: Fixed rates from 3 – 30 years
Amortization: 30 years
Repayment: Amortizing & Interest-Only
Guarantee: Non-Recourse and Recourse
Prepayment: Flexible Prepayment Options
Tenancy: Single or Multiple – NNN Lease


Credit Unions
CMBS (Commercial Mortgage Backed Security)
Life Company
Private Equity
Family Offices
Private Credit Markets

PACT Commercial

At PACT Capital, we leverage our deep relationships of capital providers to deliver streamlined options for buying, refinancing, and repositioning commercial real estate for a variety of property types. Our expertise and understanding of such nuances allow us to provide strategically tailored facilities, while retaining the certainty and speed of execution our borrowers have come to rely upon us for. We are client-centered organization.

As experts in commercial real estate lending, we’ve developed a network of long-term lender relationships that allow us to increase connectivity provide the most competitive options available in the marketplace.

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By partnering with PACT Capital, you’ll gain access to more lending institutions without the added effort, thus giving you better opportunity for maximum capital and diverse capital solutionsOur advisors serve as the single-point of contact to multiple lenders throughout the process, which brings our clients the power of leveraging the entire market through one partner—PACT Capital.  In an effort to align the interests of both parties involved, attention to detail and commitment to customer relationships is paramount. Our capital advisors are committed to securing a loan that’s tailored to the interests of each individual borrower. Our years of experience allow us access to a multitude of long-standing relationships. We know more about the industry and have more relationships in the marketplace, which directly benefits our clients. This gives us a competitive advantage to individual lenders and allows us to help you get competitive pricing, more customized solutions, and financing options that support your long-term goals.

PACT Capital is a relationship lender. Since every property and borrower is unique, we take the time to thoroughly research and examine all of the options available in the capital markets and match that with our clients’ needs. Thanks to our in-house underwriting team, we’re able to streamline the technicalities and process loan applications quickly and efficiently.